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Using A Third Party Router On FTTC

Hi, I'm thinking about getting a VPN. I want it on all of my devices, so if I get one, then I'll have to buy a new router. Is it better to use a VDSL modem router, or to get an Openreach modem and buy a separate router. The second option seems better because it gives you more choice, it would just be nice to request a modem from BT as appose to buying a used one from eBay, it is what it is. I know the Smart Hub doesn't have a modem-only mode (no idea why?), but I thought you could just turn off the wireless, and just connect a third party router to an Ethernet port, and run Ethernet and wireless through that instead. I've just found out about the double-NAT issue, maybe it's not a massive issue, but I don't want it to effect gaming so I won't be doing that. Thanks.

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Re: Using A Third Party Router On FTTC

Entirely your choice whether to go separates or all in one. Openreach modems are no longer supplied so will have to be secondhand from Ebay. They are getting a bit long in the tooth now but still fairly popular.

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