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Re: Adding a btinternet email account to Microsoft Office

Thanks gspearson.  I think that I work using the Online version - I say that because I downloaded Microsoft office 365 when I bought the original subscription a few years ago.  The programmes for Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. were available to use and I added my 2 email addresses to the Outlook section which asked for my email addresses, passwords etc.  And they were  both included via what I suppose I would call a  'wizard'.  Now the Outlook wizard will not recognise my btinternet address.   The other one, a gmail address, is working perfectly!  I don't have to input any passwords for any of those applications so I don't think that I am using Microsoft Office on the Webb.  I hope that that makes sense - I am beginning to think that there has been a glitch when one of the Updates was uploaded which is an automatic process when an update is sitting in the background waiting to be accessed or is automatic when the computer is closed down.    

Thanks for your support.  I shall keep trying to understand why I can't include the btinternet address.  

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Re: Adding a btinternet email account to Microsoft Office

Yes.  Absolutely. That is exactly what the input/wizard page looks like.   It will not accept my email address.  I have used manual Connect and ensured that all the mail server settings are as set out by BT in their own Help section but it refuses to accept - just says it does not recognise the email address.   |I have used the App input and ensured all the server settings are correct.  I have looked at Manage Profiles.  I done everything I remotely understand and spent hours and hours on the Online chat with Microsoft and BT.  It is impossible to add the address.  The computer shop are now saying that I should change my email address to a Microsoft supported email address.  But, Microsoft assure its customers that its Microsoft Office Outlook programme allows customers to group many email addresses in one place so that they are all manageable together.  This is clearly not correct.  I am a mere customer - what rights do I have to find out why I can't do that? !!!!!!!  Clearly none!

Once again, thanks for your support

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Re: Adding a btinternet email account to Microsoft Office

@Junep Another idea.  If you have  BT account you can create 10 other email addresses. I do this to have emails for other purposes or when I'm doubtful about giving a good address to someone.  I have also created an address for my partner - which operates entirely separately.

Can you create a new one on your BT account and test Outlook with that?

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Re: Adding a btinternet email account to Microsoft Office

Alternatively, you could download and install Mozilla Thunderbird temporarily and see if your email address works with that. Again it will verify if the problem is with your BT email account or Outlook. 

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