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Using multiple hubs/ routers

Hi, hoping someone has done this before or can give me some guidance!

My family recently upgraded from a BT hub 5 to a Smart Hub 2, this is working great but I want to utilise the hub 5 as well.  This is to be used for a second network for use in audio recording at home, as well as using externally to run live sound at gigs etc. My plan is to use a powerline ethernet connection from the smart hub to the hub 5, allowing the internet to pass through and from there into my laptop. The hub 5 will also have audio equipment linked to it that I want to use with the laptop outside the house, hence the need for the hub.

I have tried to set it up but cant make the internet pass through consistently. What settings to I need to change in which hub and should I plug the powerline into the red WAN socket or the yellow gigabit socket on the hub 5. 


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Re: Using multiple hubs/ routers

Give the Hub 5 an IP address outside of the DHCP range of the SH2, turn off DHCP on the hub 5 and connect the 2 hubs LAN port to LAN port via the power line adaptors.

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