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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Unfortunately, as we don't yet understand why it's happening, we also can't explain why it works sometimes and not others. There haven't been any updates in this area.
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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Is there going to be any update on this? It has only caused me issues in the last month.

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

how have you still not been able to fix this? 2.5% of ps5 owners is a **bleep** ton of people. it's pathetic this has dragged on for months. what do we pay you a subscription for? 

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

I've had no problems before and now I cannot stream anything on the ps5. I'm pretty sure there was an update recently maybe as now my ps5 recognises it as a ps5 app not PS4. 

I recently bought an ethernet cable to ensure it had a stable connection but still produced the same error.

I've been very disappointed with the development of the app on the ps5 especially now it's unusable. 

I'm very surprised it's taking so long to bring 4k support to the ps5 when 4k support was on the PS4 pro? Do you know when it will be finally supported?

It'll be a shame if this isn't fixed soon as I will have to use another device to stream BT sport.



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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

I would also like to add this happens even when I select "watch from start" so any stream live or not produces this error.

I am successful to watch it on phone or laptop
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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Hi guys,

Found a bit of a workaround - after getting the error message, I go out into the settings of the PS5 and connect to my phone's personal hotspot. Then I return and the app seems to work. I then go back into settings and connect to my WiFi again and everything works okay.

Have to do this every time I start the app, however. Very poor from BT that this is still an issue after so many months. 

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Any update on this, I tried the fix pal, still doesn't work for me. I don't have any other device to watch the football on and paid for bt sport just so I can watch it on my ps5. Takes the **bleep** 

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Qny luck fixing this. Driving me mad 

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Like many others, I have started getting the VC019 error when using app on PS5.  Worked fine for over a year prior to last week.

Works fine on other devices while other streaming services work perfectly on PS5.

Surely worthy of BT investigation?

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

We're unfortunately still waiting on Sony for an explanation of the fault, however we've also been working for a while on moving to a new player. It's not quite ready, but we're hopeful for something early in the new year.
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