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I’m trying to stream from the BT Sport app to my LG TB via Airplay on my iPhone X but it keeps failing.  When failing I get error code VC565 but this isn’t a recognised error code on BT’s website.

Can anyone help?

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Re: VC565

Unfortunately VC565 just means that an error occurred whilst using Airplay. I can see it's happened quite a lot this evening, but I can't comment on why.

I've made the dev team lead for Apple devices aware.

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Re: VC565



This is still happening while trying to stream by iOS to tv. Vc565 error keeps appearing on the app and it fails to stream. What’s the resolution?

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Re: VC565

Unfortunately there's no resolution to this at the moment.  I've copied this from my response on a different thread:

Unfortunately the Apple team is our busiest dev team - this is one of a long list of issues they need to investigate. With Airplay (and especially Airplay 2 on your LG TV) being proprietary technology, it's completely black box to us. We're at the mercy of Apple, and they have a tendency to break or change things with each OS release.

I'm definitely not trying to make excuses - just set expectations that this may never be fixed, or it may suddenly fix itself after an OS update.

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Re: VC565

Short version: hey I got around the error (kind of)

Long moany version:

Experienced the VC565 error trying to cast live football match to my LG tv. Phoned BT support, after some, and clarifying again that i was experiencing the issue with the app on the iPhone and casting to the TV - i gave up with the 30min call and tried to problem solve.

Turned out Problem was ONLY with playing the LIVE feed for a football match.

LIVE feed for F1 worked, as did countless other video links on the BTSport App.

Clicking on the link to the LIVE match on the HOME page resulted in the error (and failure to play) however, clicking on the LIVE match link from the LIVE Landing Page worked.

So... IMO and i can't check the technicalities cos i don't work for btSport, it was a bad link. So in future look for alternative links to the programme you want to watch as a workaround.

Hope this helps others


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Re: VC565

Sorry, I should have said - this is already known. The VC565 error only affects BT Sport Ultimate.

Clicking the feed on the home tab (or the Schedule tab) offers you the best possible quality available to you, based on your subscription and device capability, along with additional player features (e.g. start from beginning, pause, timeline, etc). So if you have a BT Sport Ultimate subscription and the match is on Ultimate, then it'll launch the 4K stream (with HDR where available).

Clicking the channel from the Live tab will always launch the regular HD stream, with no additional features.

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