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Virgin lost my landline number


I recently moved home and was with Virgin Media. Today they reinstated the Broadband, TV and Landline, however they have lost my original number which I have had for over 40 years, and which I gather was a BT number.

Is there any way to get this number back?

Best regards, Bob.

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Re: Virgin lost my landline number


If it was originally issued by BT Retail, and you are still living at the same address, or an address that is served by the same BT Exchange building, then the only way you would be able to get it back, is by moving your phone service to BT, or  have a separate BT Retail Phone line. You could move all your services back to BT.

Its never 100% guaranteed, but its normally happens.

If you moved out of the exchange area, then your number would be lost.

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Re: Virgin lost my landline number

Hi, so which provider have you now moved to?

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Re: Virgin lost my landline number


I don't think @rbicker148 has moved provider just moved home but retained existing provider Virgin

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Re: Virgin lost my landline number

And as Virgin did not own the number, its reverted back to the number range holder, BT Retail.

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Re: Virgin lost my landline number

If you had a BT number , ported it Virgin ( or predecessor ) and then moved ( and at this point lost the number ) then if the new address is the same exchange area as the address you moved from , then it’s possible but not guaranteed that you could get the number back if you signed up with BT at the new address ( accepting a random BT number ) once that is in and working, and VM have returned the wanted number back to the number range holder ( BT ) you ask BT for a renumber from the random number to the now returned wanted number.
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