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Voice mail on digital voice

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I put this to BT as a complaint but wondered what if other people have noticed this:

”I am getting complaints from callers that call me when I am not at home. They receive a BT voice mail message which says I am on the phone. This gives the false impression that I am at home and may be available to answer a call as soon as I have finished a call. Please would you change the message so it reflects the correct situation. I think you need two different messages to cater for

1. On the phone

2. Unavailable to take your call.

I have digital voice and have checked that a caller receives the same message whether I have set digital voice to single call or multi call.”

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Re: Voice mail on digital voice

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Hi @vintagewireless   With my digital voice left with the default voice mail greeting says I’m not available, not that I am on the phone! You do know that you can record your own message if you like?

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Re: Voice mail on digital voice

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Hi @VeteranISPUser Thank you for that. I have just checked again and my voice mail message still says on phone so I have changed it to a personal massage as you suggested.

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