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Wholehome as an extra wifi network connected to Premium Wholehome or Complete Wifi


I currently use BT Wholehome connected to a Smart Hub 2 as my main wifi.  We live in an old farm house from the early 1800's so you can imagine just how thick our walls are!

Wholehome just about manages to cover all the area required but there is a noticeable drop off for the furthest discs, we have learned to adapt and live with this.

I have been looking at upgrading either to the  new contract and use Complete Wifi or replace with the Premium models.  Do these have a significant improvement in signal?  Does the Complete wifi still only use the limited connections of Wholehome (unlike the three of Premium).

Secondly  has anyone attempted to use Premium or Complete as a base network, then start a secondary wifi mesh network off one of the discs using (in my case) the standard Wholehome discs?

Thanks in advance!

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