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Why are my emails suddenly taking 10 hours to arrive in my inbox?

Out of the blue and without my intervention my emails became scrambled. They seemed to take on a mind of their own. The dates were out of sync, and some had disappeared. Yes I checked for viruses, hacking and all other nasties.  I did a complete systems scan and all appeared well. I tried to change settings only to get 'unexpected error' at every attempt. I found I had a new format with three seperate sections. Inbox, Social and Other. Where did that come from I wondered? I then found that any emails that struggled through to my inbox were between 24 and 10 hours late. I contacted customer service on the chat messaging facility. Well we had a lot of 'round the houses' and then the customer service person who was doing his best to be helpful gave up and said that I would be contacted by a member of their tec staff. This would take 48 to 72 hours!!!!! Well I am still waiting with my phone clamped to my body.  Something similar happened last year but thankfully righted its self after a day or two. I have looked for help on the BT website and was directed to settings which as far as I can see don't exist or are impossible to locate. Do I really have to have a degree in Computer Technology lto get this sorted out?  I am now grappeling with IMAP versus POP what ever that means. All I want is my old happy, boring email back please. Can anyone help before I lose the will to live. Anyone who blinds me with science need not apply. Thanks in anticipation.    

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