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Wi-fi connection erratic

Since Saturday I've had problems with my Wi-Fi connections dropping in and out and when coming back sometimes saying no internet. Yesterday I restarted my Smart Hub 2 which seemed to resolve it. Unfortunately it has started again today. Searching on the internet, there are posts that say there is a problem with the Smart Hub 2 and BT are rolling out a fix. Is this true? If so, do you  have to ask for the fix or will everybody get the update? I've just bought some Mini Whole Home disks to try and improve the signal in my kitchen. This now seems as if I've wasted my money!

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Re: Wi-fi connection erratic

the main problem after latest firmware (1286) update was that  devices on 2.4ghz were unable to 'talk' to devices on 5ghz and vice versa.   it was not that your wireless devices were dropping connection

there will be a firmware update sometime this month

have you selected the wifi channels manually instead of leaving on auto?

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Re: Wi-fi connection erratic

No, don't like changing settings as I don't really know what I'm doing. However, looking on the forum I did switch off Smart set up.

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