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WiFi diagnostics

Afternoon all. 

I have quite a complex network due to the size and shape of the house. I have a number of ethernet wireless access points as well as power line wireless access points around the house. Using a smart hub.

I regularly lose wireless around the house on phones but mostly alexa devices. Smart wireless is turned off.

I have a access point with an external antenna, as well as a WAP fed by ethernet into the summerhouse. 

Does anyone know of an app or diagnostic program that would prove where my WiFi problem could be? 

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Re: WiFi diagnostics

A very basic tool is called WiFi Sweetspots which is free. It only covers one direction from the client using it.

Iperf is a good tool to use to test throughput and more accurate than WiFi Sweetspots. 

However these just test throughput and if all WiFi drops then it’s a case of seeing what’s going on in the router as that is most likely the culprit.

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Re: WiFi diagnostics

If you have an Android mobile, then a good monitor is Network Signal Info Pro. (paid version is better).
You can walk around the house and garden and see signal strength,  looking for dead spots etc.
It also checks mobile signal strength, which varies in some areas. 

Works well when you have BT Wi-Fi complete, for example.