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WiFi discs

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I’m due to get business broadband installed this Thursday at my home address. The problem I have is that my office is on the far side of the house in the garage. Our house is an old cottage and the walls are made of solid granite and are nearly 1M thick. We’ve lived here for 2 years and have had nothing but trouble with a poor wi-fi signal all over the house. My current hub is in the living room and I can’t even get a signal standing 5m away in the kitchen! I’ve lost count of the amount of different extenders I’ve tried and nothing has worked. Despite me telling the order team that I will need more than one disc to stretch the signal from the garage to the other side of the house, they’ve told me they will only send me one, but can request more once the install is done. Having read numerous posts about their reliability and numbers needed is there no way they can preempt the install and send me another 3 (which they advertise as free of charge) in advance. Otherwise I will have no signal in the house until they turn up. Seems crazy that I’ve told them I’ll need them and they won’t send any, even though they’re free? 

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Re: WiFi discs

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If you are ordering a BT Business line you will need to post on the BT Business forum or contact BT Business direct.

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