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Wifi dropping speed after upgrade

Hi. I'm having alot of issues with my WiFi speed dropping after an upgrade from fibre 2 to fibre 100 speed is not holding at all I'm actually receiving worse speeds than I did with fibre 2. I had the upgrade 7 days ago bt have completed a manual reset in the call centre but this has not settled my WiFi speed. I have fttp installed does it take time for the line to settles after an upgrade?

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Re: Wifi dropping speed after upgrade

No ISP guarantees WiFi speed, there are too many variables. What speed are you getting when connected by Ethernet? 

FTTP broadband speed doesn't require any time to 'settle'.

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Re: Wifi dropping speed after upgrade

Have you tried bypassing the router completely with one device and seeing if it exhibits similar behavior?

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Re: Wifi dropping speed after upgrade

Thanks for that will plug the laptop up to it later I ilam getting good line speed according to bt just a terrible speed from the router which fluctuates alot at low speed. Cant understand how I was getting a better speed on a lower speed service and now paying for higher speed and getting a worse service the mind boggles lol.

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Re: Wifi dropping speed after upgrade

The speed of your WiFi is independent of your broadband speed. Have you tried changing channels?

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