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Wifi goes off and on every night

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Wont be a long term issue once FTTP gets installed in few months but for now I wondered why my halo 1 broadband connection cuts out every single night for seconds then reconnects.

It has happened every night for about 2 months.  always after 11.30pm - 4.00am..   goes off and within a minute back on.

Always thought it was the smarthub but been using the smarthub 2 whilst waiting on a blockage under my driveway being fixed for FTTP and its doing it with that hub too.

Hope FTTP stops it - not big issue but its annoying!

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Re: Wifi goes off and on every night

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dropping your wifi connection has nothing to do with the actual internet connection so will be same whether adsl/FTTC or FTTP.  wifi problems are with the router provided your hub colour remains blue

as you cannot split the networks on SH2 have you tried changing the wireless channels from auto to a channel which you select?  you can get a wifi analyser app for your phone which will show you networks near you and channels they are using including your own.  then select a free channel or failing that the channel where you hub network signal is strongest

you can also try changing the wireless modes from 1 to 2 or 3

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Re: Wifi goes off and on every night

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thank you 

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