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Wifi signal

Hi, can anyone help with  WiFi signal and why it would be so bad. I currently have a bt home hub 4 or 5 but the speed goes up and down so much I have had to by a bt wifi extender. I have had a new extension built and in there it is really bad. Speeds go as high as mid 20s and low as 9 using the extender. Is it easy to upgrade to the latest one. Cheers 

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Re: Wifi signal

Regarding your new extension having a bad wireless signal. The strength of the wireless signal depends on distance to the hub and environmental factors such as thickness of walls and also if the walls have foil backed insulation in them. It might be that this was used in the extension when it was built.

Wireless extenders are only as good as the signal that they are trying to "extend". Rubbish in rubbish out.

It could be that your wireless signal is suffering from wireless interference from other nearby wireless networks. You could try selecting the wireless channel on the Homehub rather than letting the Homehub decide.

You could go into the hubs settings and select channel 13. This is not selected by routers and is usually free of other wireless users.

See link how to get to the settings.

What is the Smart Wireless feature in my BT Hub? | BT Help

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Re: Wifi signal

Thanks for your reply. The signal strength on the TV from the router is on the last bar and with WiFi extender it's on full bars. I know what you mean by picking up a rubbish signal and repeating it out. I'll give what you have suggested a try and see how that goes. The router is around 5 meters away and through one wall which is brick and plaster. The extender is in the green zone(good distance between router and extender) which is a plug in the open bedside the TV. 

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