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bt mesh discs ethernet connections

Hi All, I have an ethernet port in each room:

Question: Do I need to connect to connect one of the BT mesh dics to the home hub or can I simply connect the hub to a switch and then locate a mesh discs in each room, say three room?

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Re: bt mesh discs ethernet connections

Connect the SM2 to a switch then I'd put a switch in the room that you want the disk in.
Connect the disk to that switch so it has a hard wired back-haul to the hub.

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Re: bt mesh discs ethernet connections

I assume they are the white discs, which will work with the Home Hub, the black ones work with Smart Hub 2.

I would understand ESPIGA as meaning that the ethernet ports in each room are wired back to a switch and can you connect the HH to the switch and thence to the disc in the room?  I would guess yes, as I believe a switch just connects all the ports together, data-wise.  In this scenario you wouldn't need another switch in the room where the disc is.

A question in my mind is this: if all the discs are connected by ethernet back to the switch (and hence to each other and to the internet), do the discs still need to talk to each other wirelessly?  Particularly to control which disc your wireless devices connect to, e.g. when you carry your phone from room to room.  I'd welcome an explanation of how this process works.  I think I read that the discs monitor the speeds at which the mobile device can send data through each disc (how?).  Presumably as needed they break the connection with one disc and establish it with another (how?).  Do the control signals for this pass between the discs via ethernet if available?

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