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how do i create a bt email account for webmail

I have been trying for hours to set up a bt email account which i am entitled to for free under my new wifi FastFibre 2 package (which includes, wifi, digital voice and bt entertainment.) I originally asked for an external provider email to be my default email on your systems, but it seems i cant keep that so now i am trying to activate the email i was told i could have when i first ordered, but I cant remember the name or password.

These instructions below on how to set up a account dont seem to work because Products is now longer visible in the navigation under the My BT login.

  1. Log in to My BT with your BT ID >
  2. Click on Your products 
  3. Scroll down to Email and select Manage
  4. Select Create new email address 

Under email now there are several options, Manage email accounts,but there is no Create a new email address option, just Account set up or manual settings. Account set up gives me a primary account option or manual set . Primary account only gives me the option to find out what a BT email is! NOT useful.  Further reading takes me here but it also doesnt help.

Losing the will to live. Who can help?

When I call i get referred to that create an email page so in a never ending loop of despair

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Re: how do i create a bt email account for webmail

Morning @deborahmacp 

It sounds very much like you are logged in using a BT ID which does NOT have a BT account number attached to it.

If you know your account number, follow these instructions first:

Adding an account on My BT | BT Help

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Re: how do i create a bt email account for webmail

Hi Darren

Thanks that doesnt help because i dont see those settings when i log in. I should explain i only had a pstn account , then to my great misfortune i ordered the fast wifi service complete with wifi Fast2, the BT entertainment Package and Digital Voice. I should get email with that account and was given an email, but noone at your end seems to have that now, and the email login address and p/w i dont have because it was on a device that died recently.. The FastWifi account number i have i dont know how to log into, i dont have a password and noone will give me one due to data protection. My old pstn line account is still active so i can log into that but Settings and Add Account is not an option because i never had email on my pstn line - as i had broadband provider elsewhere until now. So bit of  a conundrum. Any further ideas? 

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Re: how do i create a bt email account for webmail

Ok I think i added my new account but it doesnt help me a. change the email address for correspondence of all the accounts to my new  gmail email that i wish to be corresponed with nor b. does it help me set up a bt email account. In fact I should not have a pstn account now because that number was successfully (finally) ported to my digital device, and then the two accounts should have been merged. So, for clarity i have kept the original landline pstn number but should not have that LN account. i should not be being billed for a pstn line as i am now only supposedly paying for digital services in a package. Maybe if is say stop everything and do paper billing again that might generate some action? If someone could contact Roy in Connections Belfast and tell him Deborah is still having billing and email issues then that might be my last hope. He has known what should happen at the final count after the three months of order agony i have endured so far. Thanks

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