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landline attached to chimney

Have recently moved into a  bungalow that has a landline attached to the chimney. As the chimney needs work  I'm trying to find out if it can be removed or moved and if so what would be the cost.  I've looked on open reach altering our network enquiry, as others have suggested, but am reluctant to fill in the online form as it states  "Please be aware that all work requests are chargeable." so confused I just want to ask the question not be charged for doing so. What to do??

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Re: landline attached to chimney

Openreach are the only people that can carry out the work. It has nothing to do with BT retail.

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Re: landline attached to chimney

Although not currently a way of providing service, attaching a wire to a chimney was allowed in the past and if your service is currently working over it, or could be started in the future over it, as far as Openreach are concerned, until proved differently, the dropwire is ‘good’ and if you want to alter it , for your own reasons ( like working on the chimney) then it would be chargeable work .
If the line in currently in use , your provider would arrange OR to move the line, if not in use then you would approach OR directly, on a forum like this , you would probably only be told the ‘official’ process, obviously, if the line were not in use , you may be tempted to tell the builders to just chop it down themselves, but if it fell into the road and entangled a road user, ( for example ) then the liability for any injury or damage becomes opaque, it wouldn’t be OR responsibility, they never cut it down , and your builder could say they were following your instructions, so personally I would go down the ‘correct’ route.
If the line were chopped without any ‘problem’ , should the line ever be required in the future , charges could apply ( for the obviously damaged dropwire ) and a possible delay , as a new wire wouldn’t simply be put back where the old one was.
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Re: landline attached to chimney

Thanks for this.

It's understandable that there would probable be a charge for this, as long as it is reasonable, that's fine but it's trying to find out what the charge would be. It appears to find out you have to pay that seems ridiculous to me. You can't talk to anyone it is quite frustrating.


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Re: landline attached to chimney

You can contact Openreach via this link

For consumer and business customers (


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