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mobile banking text alerts

Both my husband and are with BT mobile.  We use Barclays mobile banking app.  Despite both our accounts being set up to receive notifications, i.e. when money goes in/out etc., neither of us receives the alerts.  We both have Samsung Galaxy A20e phones.  Have spoken with Barclays who say from their end all is OK we should try our provider. Before I do anyone had a similar experience please?  Odd thing is when I originally set my app up I used to get the alerts.

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Re: mobile banking text alerts

It could be an update that failed for some reason.

Go into Settings-> Apps & Notifications-> Select your app ->Storage & Cache and tap on Clear Storage.

That will leave the app but all your account info will be gone, i.e. you can set the app up again from scratch without uninstalling it


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Re: mobile banking text alerts

Am getting in touch with Barclays again as APP was only installed 2 weeks ago so should be up to date. If their response is limited I will try what you have suggested although a little reluctantly.
Thank you for your help - I will report back to you when I hear from Barclays.
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Re: mobile banking text alerts

According to Google Play, the Barclays app was updated on 02/03/21, would this be about the same time it stopped working? Presumably yours will have updated in the background very soon after.

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Re: mobile banking text alerts

Didn’t work before this date either. I now have a number to ring BT so that’s my next task. Have also emailed Barclays
Ta again for your continuing help