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slow upload speeds on fttp

have bt fttp 900 halo 3 down load speeds not too bad but upload speed is ridiculously slow varying from 1.8 to 2.5

how do i fix this bt smart hub 2

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Re: slow upload speeds on FTTP full fibre 900

Hi @bazzbomb  the Openreach ONT modem should be delivering BT’s Full Fibre 900 broadband, which typically gives 910Mbps download and 110Mbps upload speeds to your BT Smart Hub 2. 

Please connect your smart device (Laptop, Desktop, Workstation, etc.) by Ethernet cable to the BT Smart Hub 2.  Please check your full fibre line BTW Performance Tester (  Basic Speed Test followed by clicking on Additional Diagnostic, use your telephone number to get Advanced Test Results. 

BT will have installed your IP Profile's Download and Upload speeds and your actual speeds will not be higher than these values.  If your Actual speeds are typically about 910Mbps download and 110Mbps upload, the BT Full Fibre 900 broadband plan is correct. If your Actual speeds are significantly less, raise a BT Service Request to have Openreach Full Fibre Engineer visit to fix the fault. If the line management software has the incorrect IP Profile speeds, BT will arrange for these to be investigated and reset for you. 

Advanced Test Result.jpg

Please share post to tell BT community the result of the Ethernet IP Profile and Actual download and upload speeds. Do not share any private information. Thank you. 

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Re: slow upload speeds on FTTP full fibre 900

problems with upload connection speed have been posted many times and mods are able to sort it without engineer visit

Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload thro... - Page 15 - BT Community

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