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BT Hub - suspect dodgy DSL cable port is causing drop-outs?


Rarely here, so hope that I have posted in the appropriate sub-forum.

I have a BT hub which reports itself as a 6A running firmware SG4B1000E079.
Hub is plugged into primary BT socket - no extensions cables used.
Wifi function is disabled on the Hub, handing over to a Deco "mesh"  setup to provide local wifi coverage (and a guest network).

Like many reports on here, I suffer from intermittent dropouts of internet connectivity. However, I am able to produce one simply by moving the Hub. I have replaced the RJ11-RJ11 DSL link cable, but the problem persists.

For example, if I put the Hub on it's front I can trigger a drop in connection.

I  suspect that the DSL port has a "sub-optimal / dry joint" and is causing at least some of the drops in connection.

A strip-down video of a Hub 6 of YouTube suggests that;
1. The unit is near-impossible to get access to without breaking at least some of the tabs holding the case together.

2. As you would expect, the DSL port is machine soldered to the main board and any attempt at re-soldering would quickly turn the device into a paperweight.

Q1: Has anyone on here experienced a similar state of affairs?

Q2: Fools errand requesting a replacement unit from BT, or worth spending time on the phone for?

Contract for internet and landline runs until June 2024, so for my sanity I would like to get a more stable connection.

All advice welcome.

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Re: BT Hub - suspect dodgy DSL cable port is causing drop-outs?

if you have eliminated the rj11 cable by replacing it have you also tried using test socket with filter and see if problem persists?  if still dropping connection then phone CS 03301234150 and request a replacement hub as you are still in contract

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Re: BT Hub - suspect dodgy DSL cable port is causing drop-outs?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have a BT master socket which (if I have Googled correctly) is a FTTC/VDSL type master socket.
It presents separate RJ11 and telephone connections and I do not have to employ a separate filter/splitter on the phone line in normal use.

I do have a separate filter available and so will test as you suggest.

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