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Re: BT Smart Hub IPv6 Stateless forced DNS options

Hi @sw25481 

Sadly BT appears to believe IPv6 is a minority interest despite the fact that most modern devices will use it by default. As you can see there has been no response to the request from the original poster.

I also wished to use my own DNS server so I chose to use a third party router on my BT FTTP connection. This enabled me to control IPv6 in the way I needed.

Good luck 

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Re: BT Smart Hub IPv6 Stateless forced DNS options

It's disappointing to hear that this is being forced. I only just placed my order to move to BT yesterday and have spent a lot of the last 24 hours reading though messages on this forum. IPv6 is one of the reasons I am switching however I've learnt since that I can't use my own router as Digital Voice won't work, and I won't easily be able to start using IPv6 as I won't have control of which DNS servers are used (if I want IPv6 to work!)

Please consider adding this configuration option as others have requested. Although I understand most won't have a need for it, it is pretty significant for us that do.


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