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BT Whole home great for years... now poor signal


I have a 3 disk BT whole home set-up that has worked well for the past 3 years with almost no issues. I live in a large stone built home and have been able to chain the disks together to give good coverage throughout the property. Recently, this has now stopped being the case and we are getting issues with poor signal strength and even in areas with a good signal dropped conference calls using Teams and Zoom. 

The only change that has happened since the reduced wifi signal/quality is that we have had double glazing installed? But why would that impact the internal wifi?

I'm happy to buy a replacement wholehome set-up but using the online selection tool it is suggesting getting the 3 disk mini set-up but the selection tool does not ask about wall types/thickness or the video-conferencing being done.

Would a 3 disk premium be any better or should I get additional disks?


If I buy additional standard whole home disks will they be compatible with the existing whole home disks I have which are now 4 years old?



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Re: BT Whole home great for years... now poor signal

Hi @MartinB4 Thanks for your post and welcome to the community, I'm sorry to see you're having problems with your Whole home wifi system. I have seen online reports that some types of coated glazing can reflect the wifi signal but before doing anything, I'd recommend getting in touch with the whole home wifi helpdesk for help with this. 

By phone: 0808 100 6116

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm

By email:

If you're considering adding more discs you'll need to go for the same version as the different types are not compatible with each other.



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Re: BT Whole home great for years... now poor signal

@NeilO Many thanks for your response. The problem is definitely due to the double glazing. I have now bought another WholeHome disk and with a little stratified positioning have managed to daisy chain the disks to restore our connection.

I would be keen to know if 5G Wi-Fi will have better penetration of the double glazing than 2.4G Wi-Fi but I suspect that won't be the case.

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