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BT4600 answerphone/ blocked number probs.

Hi. My parents have BT4600 phones and have reported a couple of problems.

The ‘new message’ tones sound every time the phone connects even though there are no new messages. Even when all old messages are deleted, the tones still sound.

Also, calls from blocked numbers still ring, even though they display as blocked numbers. Is there any way to stop them getting through altogether?


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Re: BT4600 answerphone/ blocked number probs.


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

The first thing to do is to power down the base unit for about a minute, so the DECT link is re-initialised.

See if that helps.

Who provided their phone service?

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Re: BT4600 answerphone/ blocked number probs.

The only new message tone that the phone has is a beep from the base station. So from "when it connects" I can only assume that you're referring to BT's 1571 service? Are they perhaps getting confused between the two, clearing down locally stored messages but not those from 1571?

Do they maybe have another phone connected as well as the BT4600? My BT8500 answers calls silently when in announce mode but another phone will ring a couple of times first.

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Re: BT4600 answerphone/ blocked number probs.

Thanks both.

The line is with Virgin. My mother managed to solve the issue by deleting all calls (rather than voicemails) from the incoming call list on the handset.

I don’t know if the tones (ie series of rapid beeps before dial tone when you pick up the handset and press green button) actually indicated incoming calls had been received, rather than voicemail messages as my parents believe, but if so that seems an odd feature to bother having! In any event, clearing call list seems to have dealt with it.

Not sure re: solution to blocked number issue though.

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