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BT4600 outgoing message problem

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A couple of times in the last week callers have said that the message on our BT4600 callguard system asking them to announce their name, or to leave a message has some confusing Japanese words, namely "takemusu aikido".  I am a teacher of this art and it is possible that I have recorded earlier announcements that have included these words.  However, our current please leave a message announcement does not mention these words and we use the default outgoing message for the call guard system.  So I am at a loss as to how these words are now occasionally appearing in our outgoing announcements.  it looks like the system is randomly remembering previous announcements that have been superceded.  HAs anyone else had this very strange problem?  And is there a solution?

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Re: BT4600 outgoing message problem

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Try the product helpdesk. You may like to check any stored recorded phone calls, as they share the same internal storage. You mat need to delete them.

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