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Caller can't hear 2200 cordless trio

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 Hi, my 92 year old father has the trio of cordless phones, bought back in September last year.  A month ago one of them developed a fault.  The caller can't hear him.  I thought he'd probably just put it on mute by accident but you can see the mute go from 'mute on' to 'calling' when you press it and still no joy.  Now a second phone is doing the same.  He has one phone now and a phone graveyard of two...  Any ideas?

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Re: Caller can't hear 2200 cordless trio

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Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

Who provides his phone service?

Have you tried a normal corded phone in case its a fault on the line, or in the exchange.

If a normal corded phone works fine, then you would need to contact the product helpdesk for advice. As they are still under guarantee, you should be able to take them back to the seller, and exchange them.

Product helpdesk information

If your phone is within warranty:

By phone: 0800 145 6789

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm

By email: Click here for email support

If your product is out of warranty contact BT's recommended agent

By phone: 0800 980 8999

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Re: Caller can't hear 2200 cordless trio

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Hi, thanks for the reply.  Strangely one of the phones still works fine so its not a line fault.  I think you're right...I might have to return them.

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