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Hub occasionally restarting itself

Hi. We had a new BT hub sent to us in the last few months - a Smart Hub 2. After a while, it kept packing up and restarting itself each day. After some restarts, resets and discussions with the helpdesk, they decided the hub was faulty and sent me another one.

The new one has been fine for a few weeks but now it is happening again - for some reason, the blue light occasionally switches to a flashing orange and I have to wait for it to go blue again.

They have checked the line locally and that is fine. Is anyone finding this problem with the Smart Hub 2s or have I just been unlucky and been sent two faulty hubs? Thank you.

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Re: Hub occasionally restarting itself

Provided you don't have digital voice have you checked for line noise. Dial 17070 option 2 should be silent and best with corded phone

If you have FTTC have you tried using test socket with filter to see if that helps

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Re: Hub occasionally restarting itself

Hi @keithn and welcome back.

It's been a long time but great to have you back. Sorry you're having problems with the hub resetting. have you checked for noise on the line as per @imjolly post? Do the hub lights change when it drops? 

I've also noticed your post at Restart router whenever watch internet channels. - BT Community.

The issue are probably related so check the line for noise and let me know how you get on.



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