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Maximum connections through BT Smart Hub 2

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BT Business have just switched a client over from PlusNet to BT. We'll gloss over the limited notice - on Friday morning the internet wasn't working as PlusNet account had been turned off. So a very unexpected and rapid switchover got it up and running Friday afternoon. 

However the users are complaining the internet connection is very unreliable - it keeps disconnecting. I have remote access into their computers and I can see devices disconnecting and reconnecting.

To say they're not happy is an understatement...

I'm trying to isolate the cause. It's unlikely to be Wi-Fi as they don't use the router's own Wi-Fi. It's turned off and they use UBNT access points. They report excellent service.

It's unlikely to be the cabling as that's identical to before. 

So my suspicion falls upon the Smart Hub 2 itself. I'm aware there are limits on simultaneous Wi-Fi connections but what about overall connections? It's a switch so it's handling lots of packets etc. Before they had an ASUS RT-AC87U which looks like a much more powerful router. I suspect there are about 50 connected devices.

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Re: Maximum connections through BT Smart Hub 2

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