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Pairing existing discs

Two of my discs became disconnected from my (3 disc) Whole Home network by being unplugged and moved (by partner). The primary disc that remains connected to the hub is blue and gives a good signal, but struggles to cover a house on three floors. They two other discs wouldn't pair on an ethernet cable into the hub so I used the App to remove them both from the network - they were showing red 'not connected' on the App anyway. I then used a pin to reset both discs to factory settings, then started the 'Add new disc' routine from the App. However, when connected to the hub by ethernet cable (to the correct port) and then connected to power and switched on, I get an initial solid purple light on the disc (meaning powering up) but I don't get any further change, no flashing purple, no flashing blue or solid blue.  I've let this run for an hour and no pairing.  I've tried pushing the Wifi button on the disc, it does make a change, a flashing blue light that lasts about 2-3 minutes and then goes off completely. So no further forward. Both discs behave the same, so I'm thinking it's not the discs. I'm trying to avoid taking down the last disc and trying one of these two errant discs as Primary, because I don't want to lose what internet I still have. Any suggestions as to what's going wrong? And how I can get these two discs to pair to what appears to be a perfectly good hub and now a one disc network.

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