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Premium Whole Home Trio - Won't connect to Huawei -B535-232 with EE Sim

This is a strange one. 

We live in a rural property with no Broadband so for a couple of years I've been using the Huawei B535-232 with a 3 sim for our mobile broadband. We installed an external aerial and have been getting about 30Mb speed and then working with the Whole Home trio discs is sends a similar speed signal all round the home.

Out of the blue, the 3 signal totally went (they said there was a problem in our area) and out of curiosity I tried my EE Sim card from my phone in the Huawei router (Connected to the external aerial) and was getting over 100Mb download speeds (Never been heard of in my home).

So I decided to bin 3 and signed up to a contract with EE and got my new SIM card and router in the post. They sent a 4GEE Router - D412C57 (which is rubbish) so I put that to the side and inserted the new sim into the Huawei router and bingo - the same as my mobile phone sim - the download speeds are over 100Mb - BUT - the Whole Home discs WILL NOT CONNECT to the router with this sim in it at all??? Coincidentally, the TVs in the house won't connect to it either nor will my PS4???

The whole home disc just goes to solid red. I've tried different ports in the router and different ethernet cables and still nothing. When I take out the EE SIM card and reinsert the old 3 SIM card, the BT whole home connects again - blue light - no problem (but the speed from the 3 sim is less than 3 Mb)

Anyone have any idea why the BT Whole home won't connect to the Huawei router with EE SIM card ? 

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