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Premium Whole Home WiFi dropping every 10-15 minutes

I have three of the white discs, connected to a Vodafone router, bought in April 2022. Living in a 4-bed new build so wooden/plasterboard walls, should not be a lot of obstacle for wifi.
The network has fast connectivity when it works but it drops regularly, several times an hour. There’s four of us in the house so multiple phones and laptops.

When it drops, it interrupts streaming and video conferencing so working from home is becoming impossible. If I am on my phone, what I see is the WiFi icon at the top right switches to 3G but Settings/WiFi shows me connected to the network. Router is connected all the time. 

I’ve been in touch with the BT Helpdesk several times. Have disconnected, factory reset, upgraded firmware, swapped discs,  turned off smart topology, still seeing the same problem.

Has anyone else got the same problem? The set wasn’t cheap and I bought it assuming it was a modern product but have I got a dud? 

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