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Premium whole home wifi ethernet not working

I'm now on my 2nd set of premium whole home wifi discs and it seems to be a persistent issue? So I have 3 discs set up.

Setup: 1 on ground floor directly connected to router, 2nd on middle floor connected via wifi, 3rd on top floor connected via wifi again.

I've gotten by previously using the basic whole home wifi setup in the exact same areas and the disc on the top floor directly cabling the ethernet from disc to my PC without issues.

On my first set of discs only wifi worked, I did a firmware upgrade and then it bricked 2 out of 3 discs, troubleshooting with support over the phone eventually led to them confirming a replacement was required.

On my 2nd set of discs they're all setup on the app and I can connect wirelessly, however when I tried to connect disc 3 to my PC exactly the same way as with my previous basic whole home wifi discs I just get no internet connection and it shows the SSID of my previous basic whole home wifi discs. I've tried disabling and re-enabling my network adapter, using my broadband providers default DNS instead of custom DNS provider, upgrading firmware to the C variant but I'm met with the same issue again of internet not working. Does anyone have a fix?

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Re: Premium whole home wifi ethernet not working

Check Ethernet cable & network adapter on pc is working correctly / enabled / set to accept DHCP (not static/fixed IP) if using w10 or 11 you can reset network settings w10 instructions below:

  1. Go to Start menu > Settings, then select Network and Internet.
  2. In the left navigation pane, select Status to make sure you're viewing the network status window. ...
  3. Click the Network Reset link and review the Network Reset information message.

If you have another LAN device like a laptop you could try to see if the problem is the BT node or the PC save messing with above network settings.


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