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Whole Home Wi-Fi - Master Disc Poor Speed

Our small remote rural community had FTTP installed in March 2022 and I chose the BT 500Mbps package.  Several weeks ago I installed a newly purchased Whole Home package of 4 discs (these were not the Mini, Premium or Wi-Fi 6 versions).  On Ethernet connection to the Smart Hub 2 my PC obtains c500Mbps but the Whole Home Master Disc so wired (BT supplied Ethernet or my own CAT 6) will only show c250Mbps on Wi-Fi speed test - whether testing adjacent to the disc or a couple of yards distant. Obviously, this will negatively impact on the speeds of the other discs spread across the house.

Have tried everything I can think of including ensuring they have the latest firmware, changing channels, turning off Wi-Fi on the SH2, reboots etc.   When I contacted BT Connected Home I was told it was because the disc had 300Mbps Ports; I cannot believe that to be correct as all BT literature/packaging etc will state either Gigabit or auto switching 10/100/1000Mbps Ports. Further, there are several You Tube videos illustrating speeds well in excess of even 500Mbps from the exact same Discs (even down to model number).   

Oddly, myself and all those who also opted for the 500Mbps package found that Wi-Fi direct from the SH2 was roughly half of what an Ethernet connected PC achieved; that problem seems to have been thrashed to death over the years on this forum.

I should add that the tablets and a smart phone I used to speed test are under a year old and conform to 802.11ac, dual-band specification.  

Finally, I fully accept and understand that Wi-Fi speeds even directly adjacent to the source are highly likely to be less than a wired device but surely not half. 

Advice and assistance from this forum on possible resolves/reasons would be so much appreciated.   


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