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WholeHome discs - slow speeds

I’m having the same problem - did you manage to fix it?

Past couple of weeks my internet speed has gone from 38 to 6 at my parents and sisters.

Speed is fine if I connect directly to the router so it’s definitely the discs. They’ve worked so well for about 5 years and I’ve had many family members buy them on my recommendation and that means I’m their tech support! 

Any suggestions for help greatly appreciated thanks.

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Re: WholeHome discs speeds very slow

Hi Colliwag - I finally worked out that my problem was different to what I thought.

I used to use the BTHH with my Wholehome discs (worked great - using my iphone and to check the speed and it was very close to the 150mb I was paying for).

I then switched broadband provider to Sky (similar 150mb package) , plugged the Wholehome discs in and I was only getting a speed of about 40mb (via iphone / Drove me nuts ! Wrestled with this for days, plugged my laptop direct into the Sky hub and was getting 150mb but only getting wifi of less than  a third of this.

I finally worked out that it wasn't the discs at all - they were fine and pumping out 150mb. My problem was that (for some reason) when I used my phone to check the wifi speed it was giving an inaccurate reading. As I said, the reading was fine when I was using the BTHH but, for some reason, the phone was inaccurately reporting the speed coming from the discs when I switched to Sky.

So, my discs were actually working fine - I suggest that if you are checking the wifi speed at your family's house with a phone, try your laptop to check wifi speed as this may give a very different reading.






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