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Wholehome Connection wired with new router

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Hi, I have been running 7 Wholehome disks for several years on adsl and more recently fttp. In that time I have used several different routers with no problems. To improve connectivity in 2 rooms ( study & sitting room) I have also hardwired 2 of the secondary discs and these have worked perfectly for over a year maybe 2. Looking at the network in the app it seemed to think I had 3 primary discs connected to the router. 😃

In the last week I lost voip and the ISP replaced the router, same ssid and password. All seemed ok but I noticed the wholehome app couldn’t see the Primary disk and in fact no discs at all. “ No discs on the Network.” The Sonos stopped working as well and that was fixed by removing The Boost and letting it connect to my now invisible wireless Wholehome network. Tried using a pc to connect but it couldn’t find the network either but it happily browsed internet and downloaded over wifi, connected to the wholehome network. Airprint stopped working though.  I moaned at the ISP and 48 hrs later, I found the app working and I could see 5 discs including the hardwired study. The Primary and Sitting Room remained invisible. I tried several reboots and no joy. However, I removed the lan cable from the Primary and rebooted. It became visible again. Did same with Sitting room with same success. I connected the lan back in and the disc light goes red and disappears. Take it out and reboot and all ok again. Anyone got any ideas what is going wrong? So currently my Primary isn’t hardwired so the Study must have taken over the role of Primary and that is confirmed in the app.

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Re: Wholehome Connection wired with new router

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Hi @Jewells1 I believe that the Whole Home Wifi only supports a maximum of 6 discs although you've had it working previously with more.

You should contact the Product Helpdesk and they'll be best placed to help you with this.

You can call them on: 0808 100 6116 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm and Sat 9am to 2pm) or by email:



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Re: Wholehome Connection wired with new router

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Hi John, Thanks  for the reply. Been running 7 discs for years. Think others reached 9 discs before stability issues showed up. Some have only seen 6 discs in the app but I have always seen all 7. Going to leave the system running with only one disc hardwired for a few days and try again hardwiring the additional discs. I thought the use of the lan cables was for the backhaul and improved system stability etc. Will disconnect study and go back to connecting the Primary, then add back the hardwiring to Study and Sitting Room. If no success, I will contact tech support as you suggest.



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