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bt4600 not ending call after message is left

I have just set up a new BT4600 which seems to have a 'feature' that when somebody phones and leaves a message, then hangs up, the BT4600 does not break the connection when the other person hangs up; instead it plays and records about 30 seconds of very annoying squealing. What am I doing wrong?!?!

More detail: I think it has not dropped the connection because when somebody rings, the handset displays the number ringing; if I don't answer and they leave a message, when they hang up the handset continues to display their number for about 30s, playing and recording a loud tone while doing so.


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Re: bt4600 not ending call after message is left


Who provides your phone service?

Why I am asking about your phone provider is that if its BT Retail, then the calling number should have automatically disconnected the incoming call, despite any issue with the answerphone.

This would mean that the answerphone would not record NU tone or the Off Hook alarm.

Some other provider may not have First Party Disconnect, which would mean that your phone would keep the line busy.

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Re: bt4600 not ending call after message is left

Ah - you are correct. It is not BT - it is TalkTalk. I guess this means there is nothing we can do? Although not having first party disconnect seems pretty weird - does that mean only the called person can hang up? Surely that means I can massively rack up somebody else's bill!

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Re: bt4600 not ending call after message is left

No, the line still disconnects and drops to NU tone, but there is no momentary disconnect of the line voltage, which is what is causing the lockup. The disconnect has to be long enough for the phone to see the loss of line voltage. In your case the line is staying connected, and you are recording 30 seconds of tone.

TalkTalk use their own exchange equipment, which may be configured incorrectly. People have reported similar issues on Virgin Media lines.

It may be worth posting on the TalkTalk forum, and see if anyone has the same problem, and what the solution was.

The TalkTalk Members Forums


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