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testing bt openreach modem

I have a bt openreach modem B-Focus. a picture is attached showing the spec plate and all the numbers.

is there a way to test this modem to see if its actually working properly? I mean by testing it some way by connecting it directly to a computer.? is there a web interface in these devices? or can one telnet or anything?

I have searched on google but all I can find is 'what the lights mean'. the lights all look correct but I  can't get internet and I want to make sure the modem is actually doing its job. there's nothing wrong with the rest of my gear. bt-modem2.jpg thanks for any

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Re: testing bt openreach modem

ECI modems are totally locked and are not user accessible. They can be unlocked but it is a non trivial exercise involving the use of a soldering iron.

The Huawei HG612 variant of the modem, however, is extremely trivial to unlock.

What service are you trying to connect to? It won't work with G.Fast.

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Re: testing bt openreach modem

From an old post try 

To make a direct connection from your PC to the modem which will eliminate the router. 



Step 1: Remove the homehub/router from the modem


Step2: Connect your pc/laptop into the modem using LAN1 port


Step3: Open network and sharing centre on windows and click set up a new connection or network


Step4: Connect to the internet then click make a new connection Broadband PPPoE


Step5: Username and the password as BT


Step6: connect, If it doesn't,keep pressing try again until it does.

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Re: testing bt openreach modem

Default web address is I believe, some info here.

If you haven't already, a factory reset would be a good place to start.

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Re: testing bt openreach modem

@rbz5416  That won't work, ECI modems are locked.

Unless, of course, the OP has paid extra for an unlocked one.

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Re: testing bt openreach modem

Good point well made, I'd forgotten that I unlocked my old HG612 with custom firmware & missed your first post!

As already said, unlocking the ECI looks to be on a whole other level.

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