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13Mb Speed Central London...


The flat I'm currently contracted at has a very poor internet connectivity, I'm paying £27/month for 13Mb internet speed which is 13 at best. Normally it's between 9-11 and that is only when there's only one person at home.

I've contacted BT numerous times in the last couple of months and addressed this issue and asked them for solutions/explanations and in return we got... nothing!

A handful of engineers already dropped by just to confirm the situation and none of them would tell us why or what we can do about the speed for our flat, it looks like it is capped at this speed due to infrastructure. But after some research and talking to other neighbors we found out about this lift and shift procedure which would move use to a closer box and to better speeds but we've been told that they won't do it without further explanation.

We're literally getting nothing for the money. No only slow speeds but a lot of ping issues, and everything is... slow!

And no one from BT or openreach wants to take responsibility or at least let us know what is happening.

Me and my other 2 flatmates are literally living in central London. I don't understand how this is not an issue for BT to signal and try an fix. 

I'm left with not many options at this point so I thought reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has been through this and what can be done. Is there any other provider that will go through the troubles of doing the lift and shift (I'm happy to change providers at this point, so far customer experience with BT has been pretty useless), or any other ways to increase the speeds and stability of the internet!??!

Kind regards

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Re: 13Mb Speed Central London...

A lift and shift does not move you to another cabinet. 

Openreach will not move you to another cabinet just to increase your broadband speed.

See link and in particular the part about "moving cabinet near me that is up and running"

Questions about fibre availability (

If you move to another provider that uses the Openreach infrastructure, and most do, you will still have the same speed as you do now.

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Re: 13Mb Speed Central London...

Lift and shift is simply the term used for swapping equipment at the same location, not different locations, so a lift and shift for someone ( for example ) on ADSL would be different equipment in the same exchange, for someone on FTTC would be different equipment in the same ‘fibre’ cabinet.

Speeds are almost entirely dependent on distance  to the equipment, the further away you are the slower the speed , and it’s not possible to simply say ‘connect me to equipment that is closer’ and expect that to be done, some locations are served from exchange directly ( called E/O lines ) these don’t have a cabinet , so cannot have ‘fibre to the cabinet’ access, the max speed from an exchange based broadband connection ( so not FTTC ) is theoretically 24Mb, practically it’s 20Mb for the shortest lines, and on average it’s 17Mb , so in that context 13Mb isn’t out of the ordinary.

post the return for your phone number , or address is you don’t have a phone service , without knowing what the expected speed for your address is, it’s impossible to know if 13Mb is good , bad , or bang on the expected speed

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Re: 13Mb Speed Central London...

Appreciate the feedback. Regards
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