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Area fault Ts9

Confused that the only time you can get in touch with a human being at BT is to buy something?

We had a fault in our area yesterday 2pm, told us would be back by 19.02 online (I did not get a text although others in the area did?!)

We did not come back, others said they received another text said by 22.02, still nothing

I logged a fault at 10.30pm and was told there were no problems in our area?!? And that the technicians are expecting to resolve hy the 24th!!!  It looks like our entire estate is out, what is going on?

Trying to follow up this morning but NO chance of an option to get hold of an actual person - how does one speak to a human being at BT??

I work from home so no Internet is a major issue for me!

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Re: Area fault Ts9


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators.

Try calling 0330 1234 150

Have you tried this page

If its a major issue, then it would be Openreach dealing, and they would be updating all Service Providers.

Zen have a page which list all current faults that affect the Openreach network.

You will not be able to use your phone number on that page, but you may be able to find the problem.

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Re: Area fault Ts9

Thanks, I realise this is a customer forum, I was just hoping for some assistance on someone /where to contact as BT seem to not want to have a conversation with customers anymore?
Yes tried service status, it tells me there is a problem with my line externally- no area outage -and logs an issue and same with the number - there is only an options to log, no option to speak to anyone directly unfortunately 😞

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Re: Area fault Ts9

Did you try the Zen status link I posted, as that tends to give more info, assuming its an Openreach issue?

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Re: Area fault Ts9

I did, thabk you.

There are 2 incident logged st 14.18 but then flagged as cancelled and tracked on a IMticket number which I'm assuming is a "non zen" ticket?

Also a ticket at 13.57 which was resolved at 19.43 with apologies from BT noted

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Re: Area fault Ts9

If there is an outage that affects many users over a large area , then  reporting a fault individually won’t be necessary for the fault resolution, when whatever the issue is  identified, it can be addressed ( for example someone digging up the road has cuts through a major network cable or multiple cables )  , obviously once the cable or cables are repaired or replaced everyone affected by those cut cables is restored to service irrespective of them reporting their individual service or not.

IMHO , contacting your ISP is only worthwhile if you want a record of the outage on your ‘account’ so that compensation should it be due , has a recorded start date , you may think it’s also worth it for establishing  how long the outage will last , but TBH any info offered will likely be nothing more than a guesstimate.

A large part of Teesside and multiple providers , not just BT customers, mobile as well as ‘landline’ were affected Saturday, some where definitely restored to service after around 90mins , if TS9 is still affected it’s likely that the  ‘fault’  is still being worked on.

I know how frustrating any outage can be ,( 90mins yesterday from about 14.00-15.30) , I never bothered trying to report my individual service.

FYI , the repair SLA ( service level agreement ) on a BT residential service is 2 working days after the fault is reported, if that were a Saturday, ( Saturday and Sunday are not working days ) then Wednesday is the point at which compensation becomes due , I dare say it’s not yet 24hrs ….there is always a ‘risk’ using a residential service to conduct ‘business’ , as there is no consequential loss element on Residential, if that is a requirement then a more expensive business tariff should be used.

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Re: Area fault Ts9

Thank you, I really hope so!
Its terribly frustrating that you cannot get in touch if for whatever reason you are not getting updates - I have not received a single notice 😞
Many on our estate are still out but have received a text saying they are restored?
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Re: Area fault Ts9

I'm in TS3 it went down here too for roughly an hour.  Worth pointing out though that all internet in the area home and mobile other than Virgin Media went down.  There is a very unreliable source out there suggesting the most hilarious cause (electrical fire, cannabis farm...).

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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