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BT 900 Speeds Dropping to 90/100Mb/s

Hi All!

So I took the plunge and joined BT from Virgin Media which was on the Gig1 package. Virgin wasn't perfect by any means and wireless was the main issue, but BT.. I don't know what's going on but it worrying. 


The wireless speeds in the day can for no reason drop to anywhere in the region of 90/100Mb/s. A restart has only worked once or twice bringing the speeds back, but sometimes I've been stuck with those speeds to the next day.


BT support have been great, in 9 days I had a £10 credit, an engineer appointment and a rolling credit applied until the engineer could hopefully fix the issue, but then again.. Is that a good thing?..


So engineer comes out, he's down to earth and and explained a few things which I won't repeat but let's just say my router had a good ole factory reset and low and behold it's capped again on WiFi for who knows how long.


So, is this a "BT Smart Hub 2" thing that the community are commonly aware of? It seems I may have to invest into a third party router which is something I "contemplated" doing with Virgin Media, but feels "compulsory" with BT. Like what have I done peeps, I want to feel the FTTP infrastructure goodness over the old docsis virgin infrastructure, but right now im starting to appreciate that while virgin wasn't great, it seems a whole lot better now. But that's after it got returned and my contract cancelled.


I was offered virgins gig1 package so I was saving some spondoolies but as I said, I bought into the FTTP, onshore customer support and what not but I'm very close to being locked into 24 months. Oh and my call to Technical Support was great, he was onshore for sure and while I was explaining my issue about the smart hub 2 unable to have two separate SSID's for the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band he was telling me something about 10Ghz band.......... I realised in a very brief moment this call was going nowhere, and maybe Virgins offshore isn't so bad, or maybe the smart hub 2 is rocking a 10Ghz wireless band none of the world knows about.

So BT peeps, tell me. Is there hope here. 

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