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BT FTTP 900 ONT BBU questions and setup with ASUS RT-AX89X 10G SFP+

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Can anybody point me in the right direction for configuration of Third-party routers for use with BT FTTP 900/110 package please?

I'm Soon to be having a BT engineer calling to install BT FTTP 900/110 package at my home [No Phone or Digital voice line ordered]. 

My current FTTC/VDSL2 setup is as follow's:
I have ditched the current ISP kit in favour of my new Asus RT-AX89X which I have connected to an old Huawei 612 modem on my current FTTC VDSL2 line (current ISP PPPoE login creds) (Wireless router mode/AI Mesh Router mode)

From what I gather when the engineer visits they will pop in a new line to terminate it at a new ONT and Battery backup unit.. 

From this point on is where I need a little clarification..

There are few config options regards placement of ONT and BBU unit which I am trying to cater for and think ahead prior to BT Engineer install visit, hence why the somewhat confusing questions.

1) Can I just connect the ASUS RT-X89X to the BT_ONT LAN and just not use the SH2?

2) Does the ONT and BBU need to be in the same room as the rest of my office equipment?
Or can I do a small run of CAT6A or Fibre to either of the 10G RJ45/SFP+ ports on the back of my Asus RT-AX89X router?

Will I be able to run a Fibre/Copper CAT6A from the ONT  to the 10G SFP+ (or the 10GBaseT RJ45) port on the back of the RT-AX89X through a transceiver direct from the ONT (Dropping the SH2 altogether?) 

Can I just run a Short <10m CAT6A run from the ONT LAN RJ45 port from the ONT <LAN> -> <1GBaseT ASUS_X89X WAN PORT>


Same as above but using a Short Fibre run instead of Copper CAT6A and connect to the SFP+ port on the back of the ASUS RT-AX89X. So,  <ONT_LAN1> -> <AX89X_SFP+ (10G)> port

Final couple of question that are really important to get some insights about ahead of the engineer visit include:

This is if I can get the ASUS RT-AX89X to be in Is the BT Fibre 900 classed as a PPPoE connection or Automatic IP/Static/PP2P/L2TP?

- IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Support? [Native/Static IPv6/Passthrough]
- Will the FTTP connection offer/support Jumbo Frames?
- What will be the MTU/MRU sizes for the new FTTP connection.?
- Can I order a static IPv4 IP address
- ..and if IPv6 is supported do you know the IPv6 address space allocated to customers  /56 prefix block?


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Re: BT FTTP 900 ONT BBU questions and setup with ASUS RT-AX89X 10G SFP+

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There is no longer a BBU installed by openreach

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Re: BT FTTP 900 ONT BBU questions and setup with ASUS RT-AX89X 10G SFP+

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I think you are misunderstanding the purpose of the items.

The SH2 is purely the router and will not be required. The ONT is an optical modem and is effectively a direct replacement for the hg612

You cannot connect the incoming fibre directly to an optical sfp, the ONT must stay.

The connection from the ONT to your Asus is standard GbE and thus can be up to 100 metres.

Login is PPPoE with generic credentials of username and password

You will not get a static IP address with BT residential

IPv6 is /56 PD




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Re: BT FTTP 900 ONT BBU questions and setup with ASUS RT-AX89X 10G SFP+

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Thanks for clearing these questions up for me ahead of install date.
The following really helps regards thinking of the ONT as basically a direct replacement for the HG612. This makes much more sence now, incl. for planning my network after some clarity on the IP assignment arrangements. Thanks
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