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Day 1 of FTTP: Utter Nightmare

Fibre was installed flawlessly yesterday midday. Working without issue and was very happy with deciding to stay with BT. Come 1830 this evening, everything goes down and the LOS light comes on on the modem. Takes the digital phone out too. 

Report fault to BT the get an email later this evening to book an engineer  click link, tells me I have to ring them up instead  and the expected fix is sometime Monday  meaning I lose 2-3 days of work (I home work)  

Rant over. It’s just heaped misery on an already stressful week.  

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Re: Day 1 of FTTP: Utter Nightmare


That would be the standard response time for a residential service. Only BT Business customers can get a quicker repair service.

Residential services are primarily for entertainment usage and personal email, and web browsing. BT do offer Halo options which include 4G backup using Hybrid Connect.

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Re: Day 1 of FTTP: Utter Nightmare

If be forgiving if it didn’t affect my ability to do my work and if it wasn’t a newly installed service. I have a residential service because I’m not self employed, I’m a home working Civil Servant.  That’s 3 working days I’m unable to do what I need to and thats 5 days in total that BT are failing a paying customer. 

I knew yesterday went too good to be true. 

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Re: Day 1 of FTTP: Utter Nightmare


As a Government home worker, I am surprised that they do not pay for a business grade connection, as some private companies do for workers who are 100% home workers, who are critical to their business and have no other office location that they can work from.

BT do pay automatic compensation for loss of service, if its not restored within the SLA.

Fibre does not suffer from noisy connections, but its just as vulnerable to failure due to the number of network elements.