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BT refusing to send an engineer for total loss of internet

Total internet blackout in the home for two days. Called to cancel today as they have not fixed the issue. This has now put us in a 30 day notice period in which they are refusing to send an engineer out to sort the initial issue. We are now expected to wait 30 days without internet, and pay for a service we are not being provided for. This has a potential for loss of earnings due to working from home which is now not possible without internet access.

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Re: BT refusing to send an engineer for total loss of internet

BT would normally try and fix any faults within two working days of the fault being reported to them however some faults can take longer to repair depending on what the problem is.

Had you not been so quick to cancel you would have been entitled to "Automatic Compensation" as per this link.

Automatic Compensation | BT Help

If you are still in contract you will also be faced with "Early Termination" fees as per this link.

Leaving BT | BT Help

I would suggest that you contact BT and explain that you were being a bit rash cancelling your broadband and request that if possible they cancel the cancellation and log another fault with BT to have your broadband fixed.

It could of course be something simple such as just resetting your BT hub but without you supplying further information it is impossible to hazard a guess as to what the problem will be.

As regards loss of earnings, there is no compensation for this on a residential line.

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Re: BT refusing to send an engineer for total loss of internet

I have to agree that you have been somewhat rash in cancelling - when you initially report a fault on a residential line they first have to accept it, and only from that point they have *three working days* to fix the fault before you can start claiming compensation.

When you reported the fault were you not told this?

 If you were never prepared to wait three days then maybe you should have chosen a service option like Halo 3+ that has a 4G backup modem?

Now I suspect you could still claim compensation for the notice period if they fail to fix your service three working days after you reported it, but as it is paid automatically maybe that would never happen if your account gets closed.

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