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Broadband disconnected. Service page shows “No known issues”


Maybe someone here can help me.

Last night at around 10pm my broadband and digital voice service stopped working. I have a static orange light on my Smart Hub 2. Logging into the router shows that the broadband status is disconnected. I tried rebooting the router but no change. I called the 0800 support number and a recorded message told me the best way to check my service was using the text help or BT service web page. I checked the BT Service page on my mobile and it states that there are no known faults in my area. I then used the BT Diagnostics text help service which told me that “We have tested your service, and identified it is being affected by an incident in your local area”. With an estimated clear time of 24th August at 04:12.

I woke up today and that time had passed, still no change. So I texted again, and received the same message but the clear time had been moved forward to 10am. This has happened another two times, me texting and receiving a new clear time. The latest clear time is now tomorrow at 09:00. During all of this the BT Service web page still states that there are no known issues in my area. And, while I haven’t rung every doorbell up my street, I know a few of my neighbours still have their service.

Is it likely that only I am being affected by this incident?

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