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Broadband keeps getting worse. BT support are useless

I've been with BT for nearly 4 years now at this same address.

I've got the BT Halo 2 with 2 discs.

I've got the Fibre 100 with BT Halo 2, and my speeds range from 130mb to 0mb every minute or so followed by a burst of speed straight after. 

I've raised faults with BT multiple times over the past 2 years and I've got technicians to visit and BT halo swapped, I've got people working down the road testing the cabling and still no solution, looks like it improves for a couple of weeks or a month but then starts getting worse and worse again.

There's no other providers where I live, there's no forecast of BT upgrading the network in the area to ultrafast broadband, and what I end up with is a monetary refund every now and then for the troubles, money I don't want...what I want is a properly working broadband. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Before someone asks, this happens on multiple devices and it happens regardless of being connected directly through ethernet or through wi-fi.

Any advice?

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Re: Broadband keeps getting worse. BT support are useless

Has your hub firmware been updated to V0.33?

If so you might want to read this thread  Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2 - Page 12 - BT Community

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Re: Broadband keeps getting worse. BT support are useless

If you have had the problems for over 2 years it is very unlikely that the cause is the Smarthub 2 software being upgraded to V0.33 which is a recent upgrade.

When your speeds drop have you checked you Smarthub's logs in the hub's advance settings to see if there is any indication of the broadband dropping out completely and reconnecting?


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Re: Broadband keeps getting worse. BT support are useless

Guessing they have already done a lift and shift? Have they checked your DP for issues with pairs? I had something similar at my old flat took so many visits to get it sorted. eventually some guy turned up when ah why they not done this and voila... Not to say its same for you but keep perservering...

My solution mine was a lift and shift and some new pairs on my DP.

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Re: Broadband keeps getting worse. BT support are useless

You seem to have a problem in who a supplier is. BTRetail is your supplier and whatever the can provide so can Sky, Plusnet, EE, Talk Talk, Zen etc, etc.

BTRetail (your ISP) have no control over the FTTP rollout that Openreach is performing as it is being run as a totally different company with a different board of directors so the BT Group directors cannot interfere as per OFCOM.

As regards your problem have you done a quiet line test? 17070 option 2 and best with corded phone. If cordless you may get a dull mains hum.

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