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Building FTTP has gone live but not my address

Hi, but if a long story or maybe a common story. 
we moved into these new builds around 3 years ago, no internet available. Our flat was built after the others which all had basic internet 12mb available. 

For years everyone’s been waiting for fibre and over the months the engineers have been going around doing the work including doing some wiring to our flat. 

This morning it went live with everyone checking on Openreach and ordering their fibre at last however our flat and a few others which were also built afterwards have been left out. Of note it’s a different freehold owner who has allegedly signed off on it hence why the wires were put to each of the addresses. 

I went onto the as seen on another post and it says the fibre is available but on all websites and Openreach says no. Is there any way of finding out what’s happened here so I can order my BT? 




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Re: Building FTTP has gone live but not my address

try phoning BT FTTP TEAM and see if they can help you when you explain problem 08005874787  if diverted to CS then hang up and try later

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