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CBT Installed but can't order FTTP

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Hi all, 

Another FTTP availability query i'm afraid...

All the street surrounding my street have recently had the CBT boxes installed on their telegraph poles are are all now showing as FTTP being available. Our street had the CBTs installed and cables pulled through the ducting on Monday this week, I emailed Openreach asking when this may be available to order as i'd seen it being installed and they just replied with "works are due to start in June 2023". 

I've replied asking if that means follow-up works are needed following the CBTs and cabling being laid, but have no idea when they'll reply. 

Am I just being impatient? Maybe it'll go live next week? OR website availability checker states build between now - Dec 2026, (for a week it said now-mar 2023 but went back to 2026 a couple of weeks before they seemingly installed everything on the telegraph poles and ran fibre through the ducting in the pavements. 

Just a bit confused as to when it may be available.

Thanks in advance for any info provided

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Re: CBT Installed but can't order FTTP

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Even if Openreach CBT's are installed in your immediate area it doesn't mean all work is complete.

It can take months to years in some cases before they are ready for service and you can then order.

Afraid you will just need to keep checking