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Re: Cabinet ports

Why would you pay £17 for an inclusive calls package , then never make any  calls ?, you could have saved that £17 at any point simply by moving onto a PAYG call plan , that way , if you never make a call , you never pay anything for calls, being on the correct call plan for your usage is really the customer’s responsibility….

if you have negotiated a cheaper price for broadband that’s great , but it’s not removal of your ability to make and receive calls that has provided all the reduction, as said , the difference between broadband on its own ( so no dialtone , no incoming or outgoing calls are possible because there is no phone number associated with your service) and broadband with an incoming and outgoing phone service , with PAYG calls , is £5 a month.

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Re: Cabinet ports

I got all inclusive calls before I got a mobile contract. Anyway, this is going off topic.


How do I get BT to give me the full speed that my line can handle?

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Re: Cabinet ports

As already stated , your line is working within the predicted range , so it’s not ‘faulty’ , the fact it’s slower than before could be due to crosstalk , again this isn’t a fault , it’s an unfortunate side effect of others joining FTTC on the same FTTC cab as you.

If you had a phone service , and it were noisy , you could ask for that to be investigated, and any repair needed to remove the noise could improve the broadband too ( assuming there is a noise fault ) but without a phone service , how do you report a noisy line ?

If you report your broadband slow , and they can ‘see’ a line defect  when they test , then OR would be dispatched to fix it , but if the test is OK and your speed is as predicted ( and it is ) then OR wouldn’t be tasked to investigate…

if you are paying for F2 and only getting F1 speeds , then unless the better upload speed is important, then downgrade to F1 from F2….at the moment your line may or may not be faulty but your ISP says it’s OK and your speed reduction isn’t necessarily a fault.

There was an option you could pay for ( if you are convinced the line has issues ) where BT would get the line investigated , if it were faulty , you didn’t pay and the fault was fixed , if there wasn’t a fault but your own setup was less than perfect , then they would correct any ‘internal’ defects that were your responsibility but you pay.

At the moment your line is delivering the best speed it can handle , it happens to be less than it was in the past, and at the low end of the predicted range but within that range.

Have you even followed any of the previous advice to eliminate any possible internal  issues ?, no ISP simply arranges an investigation into a line because the consumer is convinced it could be better without some evidence, and stating it used to be faster isn’t evidence of a fault , basically , if BT investigated ( using OR ) checked everything out , and nothing is wrong , and your speed is the best it can be ( because there is nothing to fix because nothing is defective ) you don’t see an improvement, and BT/OR had the expense of proving nothing was those circumstances the work done ,for no reason other than to convince you , is chargeable, but obviously if they come out , find a defect that the testing regime couldn’t detect , the visit and repair are free…

Ultimately  you may have to agree to pay if no fault is on the line , but you want it looked at anyway

If your gut feeling is proved to be correct , and there is an external issue that can be ‘fixed’ , you don’t pay , but it’s a risk , they want agreement that if there isn’t a fault , you pay for the unnecessary visit and time wasted looking for non existent faults.

Its a bit like taking your car to the garage and wanting the noise from the rear investigating , they spend hours looking , but can’t find anything ….they charge you for the time spent .
The noise comes back , you immediately drive back to the garage to complain, the mechanic looks inside and says ‘ is the noise only when your mother in law is in the car ?’ 

Apology's to 1970’s comedians everywhere.


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Re: Cabinet ports

Might be worth looking at the T&Cs for having a PAYG line re-established. If you can cancel that within 14 days it would give you the ability to conduct a series of quiet line tests.