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Cannot track a fault when i have no landline anymore

I have had a fault since 19th Sep

My speed is stuck on 70 below my guaranteed speed of 100 and normal speed of 150

There was an issue in my area around the 19th and maybe still is I dont know for sure as explained below

I reply fault to the test number, and indicates there is a fault in my area 4 hours to fix

it will then send me a link which requests a landline to track the fault

I have no landline anymore!

I tried mobile etc but no joy

I could try asking a neighbour for their landline but i should not have to do this

so, I'm left in limbo. 12 days below the guaranteed speed

Rang in multiple times told there is an issue in area but wait 48hours I try to explain I can't track it and the reason why and on the BT web site in my account, it says there is no fault in my area

last advisor seemed to indicate Openreach site have said the eta to fix date is still left at 19th Sept but another site for them shows the issue is still on going. So something is not correct. I'm still stuck on 70 and I'm left in limbo, hopefully they will follow this up, but I've rung in so many times now and don't feel I'm getting anywhere, and the tracking and communication is broken.

This really needs sorting out so tracking a fault allows customers without landlines

Meanwhile any BT person that can actually sort this and help please message me.



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Re: Cannot track a fault when i have no landline anymore

Hi @spar

Thanks for your post and welcome back!  It's good to see you again; it has been a while.  I hope you're keeping well?

I am sorry for the recent service problems.  I understand that you've said that there was a service issue in your area.  Therefore, I am assuming it's not just you that's affected by it.  It's not good enough that you're left in limbo not knowing if the issue is resolved.  I also understand that you feel your speed isn't performing anywhere near where it was when this issue began.

Due to the amount of time you have already spent up to this point trying to find out what's happening, we can pick up from here and help you out.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Cannot track a fault when i have no landline anymore

Hi thanks for reply

ill check message

You said 'Therefore, I am assuming it's not just you that's affected by it.'

Maybe...... i can't track it to tell. However, there is another possibility

As I can't track it and it seems Openreach haven't updated the eta fix correctly and left it at 19th Sept according to BT support. 

It could be the problem is fixed but I'm not reset and stuck on 70 and this is now an individual issue or maybe it's still an ongoing issue with no ETA.

I don't know though and neither do BT support, and that's a problem. Communication has broken down.


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Re: Cannot track a fault when i have no landline anymore

Thanks for posting back @spar

I got your message.  I can see a manager is going to call you again on Monday.  Keep us posted how things go.  You do make some valid points about tracking the fault without a landline.  

If you need our help let us know and we will be happy to help you out.



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