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Re: Different speeds on two domestic accounts

That'll be CityFibre FTTP at a guess. Wait for an avalanche of marketing postcards to "The Occupier".

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Re: Different speeds on two domestic accounts

That’s possibly CityFibre, they do use a Purple Duct and Sub Duct but they don’t normally use those kind of CBT’s. The ones they use round my way, which they’re building now look completely different.

If I get a chance I’ll get a photo later, depends if I’m stuck in the office all day or not.

There are another few Alt Nets using Purple Duct as well so it could literally be anyone. You’ll know who it is soon because as said, you’ll be bombarded with Sales Letters.

Ref to your Copper Line though, I see both a BT41 and 41a at the Top of that Pole. Very old pieces of Equipment and are heavily prone to going Faulty!

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